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Uttam Rishikesh Yogis

Uttam Ghosh – Founder

Hatha Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama Teacher

Parveen Nair Rishikesh Yogis

Acharya Shri Parveen Nair

Non-dual Philosophy and Embodied Yoga

Ritesh Rishikesh Yogis

Ritesh Bhatt

Yoga Anatomy & Adjustment Alignment


Louis (Ramana)

Iyengar Yoga - Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

Naman 1


Mantra Sadhana


Shivam Thakur

Hatha Vinyasa

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Sourav Bhandari

Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa

Yoga teacher training teachers in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, “known as the Devbhoomi and capital of yoga”. Which is a stunning city situated in the north state of Uttarakhand, India. It is an optimal location for those seeking to deepen their practice or seek a career as a yoga teacher. This lovely city snuggled in the foothills of the Himalayas is home of the most effective yoga teachers on the planet. If you’re searching for a 200 hour, 300 hour, yoga teacher training teachers in Rishikesh, you won’t be let down when you choose us and our teachers for your yoga course journey.

Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala and their eminent and best yoga teacher training teacher’s team offers a range of yoga training programs and classes, making it a preferred selection amongst yoga lovers from worldwide.

Our experienced and great yoga teacher’s team in Rishikesh ought to have a deep understanding of the old technique of yoga and its philosophy. No doubt, they ought to be able to assist you with the various asana (postures), pranayama (breathing methods), and meditation techniques, while likewise highlighting the relevance of appropriate alignment and breath recognition.

In addition, our excellent yoga teachers in Rishikesh have the ability to adjust their trainings to students of all levels, from yoga beginners to sophisticated professionals. Moreover, they are able to develop a safe, supportive, and eco-friendly environment in which you can explore your practice and grow mentally and physically.

The points why our yoga teacher training teachers is best for your yoga trainings.

The good quality about our yoga teacher training instructor’s team is that they are compassionate about their yoga teaching skills and methods, happy, and peace loving.

Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala – Yoga School is renowned for their years of experience yoga teacher training teachers that are dedicated to help students to attain their yoga goals.

Our yoga teacher training teachers have extensive knowledge and experience in the different facets of yoga, making them superb teachers, yoga mentors, and guides.

Unique Prospective and approach of our certified yoga teacher training teacher’s team to students

Our Yoga teachers originate from a variety of backgrounds and traditions, each bringing their special viewpoint and method to teach yoga. Some of our yoga teachers have trained from various certified centres and school in India, the birth place of yoga, while others have received training from certified schools and studios all over the world. Instead of their backgrounds, all our yoga teacher’s team share a passion for yoga and a desire to share its benefits with others.

At Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala, we believe that a good certified yoga teacher needs to be attentive to the requirements of each trainee and be able to offer adjustments and modifications as required. They need to likewise be mindful of any type of injuries or limitations their students might have and give alternative postures or practices to fit them.

Our Certified Yoga Teacher training team help students in various prospective

Our Certified yoga teacher training team is capable to assist their students to connect their inner selves and grow a sense of internal tranquillity and harmony. Additionally, they produce a feeling of community and foster a supportive and encouraging environment that influences students to continue their course.

Our Yoga teacher team in Rishikesh explain every aspect spirituality and philosophy

Our Yoga teacher team in Rishikesh describe the spiritual as well as thoughtful aspects of yoga and assist every students to comprehend just how these aspects are intertwined with the physical practice.

On the other side, our yoga teachers on a regular basis go to workshops, retreats, and training programs to proceed their yoga education and learning as well as improve their mentor abilities. This devotion to their own method is important to ending up being a knowledgeable as well as effective yoga teacher.

Our Yoga Teacher team in Rishikesh will help you to open full potential of yoga

Our Yoga teachers play a vital role in the yoga community, and their devotion to their practice assists to spread the advantages of yoga to worldwide yoga audience. Whether you’re just beginner or a knowledgeable practitioner, our skilled and experienced yoga instructors can help you grow your technique and as well as unlock the full potential of yoga exercise.




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