Eligibility For 200 Hours Of Yoga Teacher Training

What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Joining 200 Hours Yoga Teaching With Us?

Hello there Yoga lovers and Soon-to-be 200 Hours Yoga Teaching.

If you are thinking of starting your magnificent and transformative journey. A journey to deepen your yoga practice that also sets you on the path to becoming a certified yoga teacher? Then look no further. You are at the right place. Rishikesh Yogi invites you to join our 200-Hour YTT Program.

Before you go and wonder if you are eligible for the course, we recommend reading this whole blog for the proper details.

The eligibility criteria for the 200 Hours Yoga Teaching Course:

1. Passion and Determination

First things first, you need to have a passion for the ancient practice. Before you even think of starting the training you need to make sure that you have the passion for it. Teaching yoga needs passion on and off the mats as it creates a solid foundation for yourself.

2. Age Requirement

To sign yourself up for the 200-Hour YTT program, you must be at least 18 years old. This ensures a more mature and consistent environment for the participants, allowing them to get the most out of the learnings of 200 Hour YTT.

3. Basic Knowledge of Yoga

The 200 Hours Yoga Teaching program is for people of all levels. However, having basic knowledge of yoga is still necessary. Having that, you will be able to enhance your experience. Being familiar with asanas, philosophy and other things of the ancient text will help you be ahead of the program.

4. Physically Fit

Yoga is a holistic ancient practice. You need to be both mentally and physically fit for it as it requires you to engage both mind and body. You need not be a professional athlete for yoga. However, a basic level of physical fitness is still required for one to perform asanas.

5. Learning Mindset

At Rishikesh Yogi, we firmly believe that the only way to learn is if he is willing to. Having an open mindset is extremely important for one to be able to take in the knowledge shared by the yoga instructors in Rishikesh. Be present with a receptive and open heart in class; no one can stop your growth.

6. Good Health

Participants need to be in a medically good condition to be fully present and engage in the program. Before joining, we always prefer a medical report or clearance to make sure of your safety through the training. Yoga is about being holistically well and we want to make sure that our 200 Hour yoga helps you achieve your physical goals as well.

7. Commitment

The 200 Hours Yoga Teaching can only be learned fully with a deep commitment and an open heart. It is a comprehensive study. One learns about the asanas, philosophy, mindfulness, and all the other things. Now to grasp the whole concept of it, a commitment to the full program is very much required.

8. Languages

Our 200-Hour YTT Program is conducted in English and Hindi. Also, in French and Spanish for special cases. To participate in the program, one needs to understand and speak at least a basic level of English for the smooth ongoing of the course.

We have mentioned all the eligibility criteria required for one to get enrolled in the 200-Hour YTT Program.

So why should you choose Rishikesh Yogi for your 200 Hours of Yoga Training?

At Rishikesh Yogi, we go above and beyond the basics of yoga. Our program is a comprehensive and holistic journey that goes beyond the limits of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. The experienced and passionate teachers lead all our programs. Having such experienced teachers ensures that one gets mentored most compassionately and deeply. Our 200 Hours Yoga Teaching is the perfect starting point for aspiring yoga enthusiasts.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the serene surroundings of Rishikesh. Being with like-minded people; people who share the passion for yoga same as you. Now whether you dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher or instructor. Or perhaps you wish to deepen your practice. Our 200-Hour YTT Program is perfect for you.

So, are you ready to take a leap of faith and dive right into your yoga journey? If yes then do not wait any longer and contact Rishikesh Yogi and enquire about the 200 Hours Yoga Teaching Program. Allow our experts to guide you on your journey and make the most out of your desire. Now whether you desire to become a yoga instructor or if it is to just deepen you are your yoga practice. Rishikesh Yogi has courses to support all your desires relating to yoga.

Never abandon your desires as they are given to you by the higher power. Say YES to them and embark on the journey. As the famous saying goes “Choose to walk the path and the path appears”





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