How to Balance Your Work and Personal Life During Yoga Teacher Training

How to Balance Your Work and Personal Life During Yoga Teacher Training?

Embarking on yoga teacher training is indeed a transformative and deeply healing choice. Balancing your work and personal life while training isn’t a task as many would have you believe. It can be easy and fun.

So what do you have to do to prevent the potential chaos during Yoga Teacher Training?

Well, the answer is that you find the correct work-life balance. You should be clear on what should be given priority.

Discover how to balance your work and personal life while yoga teacher training.

1. Priorities

To balance your work, personal life and YTT you have to create a priority list. You can start by evaluating what is more important to you and put it on the top of your list. Consider your work life, personal life and personal and mental wellbeing. Once you have identified your priority it becomes easier to manage the tasks. You can create a schedule and allocate specific times to each task. This will help you immensely with your YTT. Always try to stick to this schedule as much as possible. This will also cultivate discipline in you in the long run.

2. Communication

Communication and honesty is the key. To make the most of your Yoga Teacher Training you need to invest your undivided attention to it. This will start by honesty informing others about your ventures. You can communicate to your employer, family members and others about your YTT. Inform them about your needs and receive support. Support is necessary in this journey. Delegating your tasks will not only lighten your load but it will also give others a chance to contribute to this journey. Be honest about your priorities with other people as well as yourself. It will help you in releasing any potential unnecessary baggage.

3. Break Time

The break times in between the YTT are honestly a blessing. One can get a lot of the work done in those time periods. Many use the break time to scroll through social media and indulge in irrelevant activities. You, however, can reap its benefit. Try to do mind fullness exercises in the break time to energize yourself. You can also do stretching and meditation or simply finish any work related commitment. The key is to utilise the time in an efficient manner. By consciously using your break time, you can get a lot of the work done. This will, ultimately, free you from any unwanted burden in the future.

4. Self-Care

Self-care is more than just having a skincare routine. By practicing self-care, you are actually filling your own cup. One cannot pour from an empty cup. Managing work, personal life commitments and YTT can easily result in overwhelm and stress. How can one prevent that? The one-word answer is self-care. Incorporate self-care activities such as meditation, journaling and walks in nature. You can opt for these activities to rejuvenate your mind and soul. One thing you should always remind yourself is that self-care is not selfish. It is you taking care of yourself. You are responsible for yourself. Doing such self-care activities will allow and support you to fully show up for yourself and YTT as well.

5. Time Management

We all know that over working leads to burnout. So how we avoid that? By effective time management. You can prioritize your YTT by breaking it into manageable tasks. Doing yoga teacher training along with work and personal commitment is bound to make you feel overwhelmed. You can simply avoid it by creating small goals for yourself. One can also take help of time management tools available. Take everything into consideration and then create a to-do list for yourself. It always proves itself to be worthy. This way you can make time to enjoy everything. All this will certainly help you in creating a work-life balance.


In conclusion, balancing yoga teacher training, personal life and work commitments requires conscious efforts and focus. Setting your boundaries by communicating effectively, getting priorities straight, utilizing break time and implementing time management practices. One can achieve their goals by doing the former mentioned points. You have the ability to create harmonious balance between all the areas in your life. Though, one thing to always remember is that finding balance between YTT Rishikesh is an ongoing process. You will continue to make choices and upheave what does not serve you. Trust the process and most importantly, trust yourself. Be compassionate with yourself as you are learning. It is essential to listen to your body and make plans accordingly. By nurturing yourself and honouring your choices, you create a safe space for yourself to pursue your yoga teacher training. You can surely navigate through this journey easily. Trust in the process and keep making persisting no matter what.




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