200 Hour Yoga TTC Certification

Enroll at the Best Price for YTTC Program in India at Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala

Hailing to the town of Rishikesh for experiencing yoga and spirituality is a desirable experience. And, so a number of souls, entities travel to this holy land to discover and unfolded the mystics of yoga and spirituality. Some are yogis willing to explore the art on a much deeper level, while some are yoga amateurs aspiring to become well-grained practitioners. Rishikesh braces all kinds of individuals and has legacies to offer each soul.

When the quest for yoga begins, there are several factors that require attention for a smooth and enlightening experience. As much as we would like to dismiss the monetary factor, we cannot completely let go of the role of our pocketbook in this voyage. However, it does not have to be all that there is to consider, think and take care of. Monetary concerns are secondary when it comes to yoga education. India, being the epicenter of yoga and spirituality, undeniably offers the most authentic and pocket-friendly experience of yoga. And, this experience can be made further inexpensive by enrolling for Yoga TTC program at the best price in India.

Rishikesh Yogis offers exactly that, a yoga program that is accredited, authentic, rewarding and would not become hefty on your bill book either. The school delivers recognized YTTC program in India at the best price. There are several underlying factors behind the YTTC program at Rishikesh Yogis being so incredibly worth the money. Some of the factors are enlisted below:

Acclaimed YTT Certification

Rishikesh Yogis is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school. As an RYS (registered yoga school), the Yogshala holds global accreditation in its yoga training programs. With this recognition, it has become a bench mark of delivering quality yoga education. When a Rishikesh Yogis student graduates their YTTC program, they receive the honor and validation status of being a Yoga Alliance recognized yoga instructor and practitioner. With this certification, you shall be at the liberty to spread the education of yoga anywhere in the globe.

Yoga Alliance Approved Curriculum

The curriculum is always the core of a successful training program and Rishikesh Yogis ensure the standard set by Yoga Alliance in their curriculum. The entire program proceeds in different stages under Practical Techniques, Intensive Meditation sessions, how to become a good Yoga Teacher, Knowing the Body and its Anatomy, Yoga philosophy (the yogic life) and Practicum of the entire course content learnt during the entire program.

Ideal Daily Schedule and Curriculum Delivery

The schedule of the program is kept diverse and, is followed under firm discipline by the much respected and acclaimed yoga teachers of Rishikesh Yogis. While the day begins with Herbal infusion, mantra chanting, and morning yoga asanas, it progresses towards yogic teachings and intense meditation practices. The entire day concludes with documenting the learning and experience of the day and a soulful interaction with fellow yogis and teachers.

Food and Accommodation

The candidates are provided with comfortable accommodation in the premise of the Yogshala. Rooms are facilitated with all modern amenities for comfort, overlooking the Himalayan surrounds in the backdrop. Nutritious and highly delectable meals are served to the blossoming yogis for proper nourishment of their body and soul.

Excursions and Activities for Rejuvenation

The gurus at Rishikesh Yogis believe that yoga education should not be limited to study and practice only. Recreational activities are just as crucial for rejuvenation. Yoga teaches us how to breathe freely and liberate ourselves mentally and physically. For ensuring versatility in the program, spiritual and adventurous excursions such as trip to Kunjapuri, trek to the Himalayas, river rafting activities are conducted for overall well-being. Additionally, the yogis also get to pamper their body and soul with a complementary Ayurvedic Massage.

The Perfect Training Outcome

Behind every step we undertake, there is the motive of gaining a result and a consequence. This result is the reason why we invest our time and money in a particular program. Whether the result is about gaining a memorable experience, or about gaining recognition that would lead us to other opportunities or it could just be about gaining a learning curve. Here, you are rewarded with all of these outcomes post successful completion of the program. You would evolve as an acclaimed yoga teacher, a deeply grained practitioner and yoga erudite while living a momentous experience.

If you are looking for an authentic yogic experience and knowledge at the ideal fee then your search ends with Yoga Teacher Training program at Rishikesh Yogis.




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