Sacral Chakra Healing

Sacral Chakra Healing: 6 Easy Ways to Balance Your 2nd Chakra

Chakras are one of the most popular conceptions of spirituality. The Chakras consist of seven energy centres that help in flowing energy properly through the body.

If the sacral chakra gets blocked, it can result in negative emotions and physical health. The second of this second chakra is referred to as svadhisthana. The svadhisthana is located in the lower belly and inner pelvis.

The circle of the sacral chakra is connected with the lotus petal. The process is orange in colour. The sacral chakra indicates birth circle, death, and then rebirth. It comes with a tangential circle crescent moon shape that connects the creativity of the human body.

When Sacral Chakra Is Blocked

If the sacral chakra is out of balance, then issues like the reproductive system problems can arise. The differences can also face menstrual irregularities, UTI infections, low or high interest in sexuality, etc. Other issues may be associated with the kidney, bladder, adrenal gland, etc.

The emotional issues due to blocked sacral chakra are feeling closed off, discomfort with the body, feeling shared about sexuality, etc. With the ways mentioned above, you can bring back the sacral chakra in the right place. Don’t miss to visit a doctor if the problem gets serious.


What Are The Easy Ways To Heal Sacral Chakra

The second chakra, or svadhisthana chakra, gets formed between 8-14 years. The second chart focuses on creativity, sexual energy, emotion and relationship with others. People with balanced sacral chakra reflect warmth, positivity, and generosity.

If the sacral chakra gets blocked, then it may come with several problems. Here are some ways to balance your sacral chakra. 

  • Work With Orange Color

These all seven chakras have seven different colours. The colour of the sacral chakra is orange. So you are recommended to do the sacral chakra work with an orange shade. In that case, Tiger’s eye or carnelian crystal can be an ideal choice that comes in orange colour to go with.

  • Decide Foods That Nourish Chakra

Certain foods nourish sacral chakra. Yes, you have guessed right. Go for orange fruit. The report says that foods aligned with sacral chakra help people who are blocked with the sacral chakra. Here the foods are as follow:

  • Butternut squash
  • Fermented food
  • Pumpkin
  • Mango
  • Melon
  • Carrots
  • Practice Yoga Posture With Hip Opening

If the sacral chakra gets blocked, the stagnant energy gets trapped. When there is a block in the sacral, then move with hips and lower ab. In that case, you can try free-flowing dance, butterfly pose, etc. 

  • Gets Connected With Water

The sacral chakra is connected with water that nourishes the inside and outside of the body. So, you are recommended to drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. In that case, you can incorporate juicy fruits like range in your diet. Another tip includes taking birth with orange essential oil, which is also good for reviving the sacral. 

  • Practice Sacral Chakra Chant

Each of these seven chakras has its chant. These chants are connected with the chakras. For sacral chakra, the chant is ‘vam’. When doing hip opening posture or practising medication, you can chant this mantra. Allow the vibration of chanting to enter the blocked sacral.

  • Sacral Chakra Meditation 

Sacral Chakra meditation involves some meditation practice that unlocks the navel power centre. Here are steps are given below:

  • Choose a place where you can sit comfortably.
  • Keep the spine straight. Make sure your limbs are relaxed.
  • Take some long breaths.
  • Imagine an orange circle in front of your eyes.
  • As the sacral chakra involves water, imagine that the orange light from the chakra is spreading everywhere.
  • Sit in this posture and imagine the picture for at least five minutes. After five minutes, you will be ready.

Yoga is also an effective way to elevate the sacral chakra. Make sure to practice specific yoga poses to target sacral chakra. Those poses include Dvipada Pitham.

Lie on your back, lifting the hip portion, and raise the arms over your head. Do that pose regularly to get benefits.

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What Are The Characteristics of Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra has its characteristics. Someone with a healthy sacral chakra can show you the below things.


Do you feel passionate about anything such as art, your spouse or a project where you are working? If so, then your chakra is open. But if it is difficult to remember when you last felt passionate, you need to focus on the sacral chakra.


The sacral chakra makes you feel that you are connected with your body. If the sacral chakra is blocked, then you will feel disconnected from their body.


A healthy sacral chakra will make you feel comfortable with your sexuality and open to accepting new experiences. Sometimes women feel embarrassed and ashamed of it. In that case, it needs to be handled carefully. This is one of the most important characteristics of Sacral chakra that shows you sign about blocked or unblocked sacral chakra.


The sacral chakra can awaken anyone’s creativity. It allows us to explore new ideas as well as imagination.  Here are the essential characteristics of sacral chakras. All these issues mentioned above are signs of healthy sacral chakras.


There are many ways to balance the sacral chakra. The courses are aromatherapy, use of crystals, etc. You can also take sandalwood scent, ylang-ylang scent to get back the energy.

Spend your time in any place which is surrounded by water. These types of places are connected with the characteristics of the sacral chakra. If going to such a place is not possible, then take a bath or swim in an area with an aquatic setting. Hope, this guide will take you in the right direction.

Unblocking sacral chakra, you can get a better life. It soothes the mentality, physical issues and emotional issues before you try those ways to heal your sacral chakra; get it checked if sacral chakra or you is blocked or not.





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