Benefits of Samakonasana or Right Angle Pose

There are many benefits of Samakonasana or the right angle pose.  This pose is great when it comes to flexibility in your leg joints, ankle, back, lower back, etc. Along with your back, it is a great posture for your hamstring, hip bones, and side hip bones.

Along with stretching out your most tense muscles, it will provide you with a good productive state of mind throughout the day.  This asana surely requires a little bit of patience and effort but is a great practice when considered in the long run for your physical as well as mental health. With the busy days and stuffed schedule we usually don’t realize the importance of stretching out our bodies and releasing the tension from the same.

Samakonasana is a simple asana which requires least effort when practiced religiously and maximum benefit.

Importance of Samakonasana in Daily Life

  • It is a great posture for a daily dose of revitalization and rejuvenation.
  • Along with stretching out your muscles, it helps to make them more flexible which in turn improves the workability of your muscles.
  • Helps in increasing the blood circulation in the lower abdomen is usually not an area we give much attention to but holds an important aspect.
  • It helps in providing good stability along with improving your psychological health.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Sit on a hard surface with your back straight. The surface should be firm enough to support you and hold your posture when you will split your legs.
  2. Sit with both your legs straight and start to breathe in and out slowly. Breathing in and out will help to relax your muscles and will help your body to go into more intense positions.
  3. Slowly, start to separate your legs towards either side. Don’t stretch beyond your capacity.
  4. Split your legs till they are perfectly straight on either side and keep breathing in and out while holding the posture.
  5. Repeat this process a few times.

Benefits  of Samakonasana

  1. Inner thigh muscles or hamstring are stimulated through this pose, which helps in toning your inner thigh as well.
  2. Very effective in reducing pain in the hip joints as it stretches your hip muscles, groin, etc.
  3. Very good posture for the children in their growing age as it provides good flexibility and stretches your body to its optimum.
  4. Blood circulation is increased in your lower belly is improved.
  5. A very good posture for better functioning of your lower abdomen which in turn helps in better digestion.
  6. Very useful pose in the strengthening of your hip joints, lower back joints, etc.
  7. People suffering from neck pain can practice this asana regularly for relief.
  8. This pose helps relief from stress and provides good mental health.
  9. It helps to give a nice boost of hormones to the body.

Samakonasana Precautions

  1. This asana should be practiced with an empty stomach or 5-6 hours after you have taken your meal.
  2. People with severe back pain or injury should avoid this asana.
  3. People with leg problems should practice this asana under professional guidance.


  1. In case of any severe injury or surgery, you should let your instructor know about the problem and should practice this asana only under professional guidance.
  2. People having a slip disc problem should avoid this posture.
  3. Pregnant women should particularly avoid this posture.


To sum it all up, Samakonasana is a typical posture but can be mastered with regular practice and patience. Make sure you are not exceeding your capacity while stretching your legs. There are several benefits to this single posture which makes this asana unique.

It is a great posture for daily stress-relieving and gaining a balanced spectrum. It can be easily performed in the comfort of your house but will require a bit of professional guidance especially when you are a beginner. There is plenty of matter and guidance available on the internet regarding this posture in the form of articles or videos.




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