Savasana (Corpse Pose): Benefits and Precautions

Savasana is a pose that is used to rejuvenate or relax your body at the end of yoga sessions.

Savasana is a Sanskrit word where sava means ‘corpse’ and asana is denoted to a ‘posture’ or ‘pose’.

Though savasana is usually practiced at the end of yoga sessions to provide a complete sense of freshness to the body, it can also be practiced in the beginning or middle of the sessions to provide a better start or break.

This pose is also known to revamp root chakra, Muladhara and helps us to be more stable and secure in life.

To practice this pose, you have to lie down facing up with your hands on either side, relaxed. Place your legs a little apart from each other along with eyes shut and proceed with taking a long and deep breath.

This pose is not only important for relaxing the body but gives you an actual sense of freshness and freedom just as the name says, savasana.

Why Savasana is Hard to Perform

Savasana or corpse pose might look very easy to perform but is not. People with great flexibility and good performance in yoga class finds it a lot harder to lie down and relax the body than to perform critical poses.

It is never easy to tell your brain to relax, just like that. There are several researches out there supporting the fact of how difficult it has become to rest your body when your state of mind is constantly stuck in the hustle of life.

Therefore, Savasana is a bliss that prepares your body to gradually adapt to the good and benefits of the poses and postures provided by yoga chakras and help your body and mind to relax.

Initially, it might look and feel difficult to just lie there and try to relax. Many of the times you will start feeling drowsy and sleepy while performing the pose.

Savasana is being aware of your surroundings, your state of mind while being completely relaxed.


Importance of Savasana in Daily Life

Practicing yoga can change the way to proceed and dwell your life and to maintain that sacred relationship between you and yoga, savasana is performed before you enter the hustle of your life.

Yoga is a practice that helps you to perform different breathing activities by putting pressure on your nervous system.

Practicing to put pressure on your body in a hypothetical situation such as performing a normal activity will help you in real life to go through different situations in a very calm manner.

Savasana helps you absorb the qualities provided by yoga in a very subtle manner before entering in the real, usual world.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Perform Savasana Pose


  1. Lie down on your back on a hard surface without any cushion or pillow, preferably floor.
  2. Close your eyes and place your hands a little far from your stomach with the palm facing up.
  3. Part your legs with a little distance between the two and feet relaxed so that they are making a 45-degree angle.
  4. Stay conscious of your surroundings but don’t get too distracted.
  5. Start breathing in and out involving all of your senses.
  6. Since the whole purpose is to rejuvenate, you don’t have to put much pressure on any part of the body.
  7. Repeat the breathing process for a couple of minutes after, before or in the middle of your yoga session to take a break and refresh.
  8. After completing the practice, slowly start to open your eyes and come back in your normal position.


Now while performing Savasana you have to focus on your state of mind since the whole point of this practice is to increase concentration.

Benefits of Savasana Pose

  • Savasana helps reduce blood pressure by infusing more fresh air in your arteries and hence increasing the circulation pattern.
  • Help reduce muscle tension extensively as you have to leave your body as relaxed as possible while performing this posture or asana.
  • Helpful in decreasing anxiety levels by stimulating the root chakra, Muladhara and helping us in being more calm and grounded.

It is quite easy to get caught in the undesirable situations that life throws at you but dwelling on them can cause you to suffer from anxiety, stress, etc. Savasana helps you to relax and stay calm in such situations and proceed with a clear state of mind.

  • Increases productivity and energy levels by helping us attain a good state of mind.

Everyone is running behind being more productive and hustle more but nobody is putting much concern towards why there is a need to be more productive.

Your body is naturally more productive when you are focused and clear in actions you perform and Savasana helps you build the foundation for such concentration.

  • it Improves focus, concentration, and memory.

Savasana Pose Precautions

  • Avoid moving your body while performing Savasana as it might disturb the practice and will fuel your distractions.
  • Make sure to perform it on a hard, flat surface.
  • Practice this in an environment that offers quiet and relaxing surroundings.



  • People with back pain should perform this practice with a pillow or cushion support under their knees.
  • Your body should be warm while performing this practice.
  • Try to practice it in a dark place or while covering your eyes as light may fuel as a distraction as well.
  • People with neck pain should take the support of a pillow or cushion under their neck.



Savasana is not only the need of the body but the need of the hour too. We all tend to get too busy in our daily lives trying to be a better version of ourselves that we forget to take a break and rejuvenate.

Our bodies tend to develop stress and results can be quite severe in extreme cases such as suffering from anxiety attacks or getting severely ill.

Savasana is a simple solution to all the stress that we humans built inside our bodies. You don’t need to be an expert while doing this and can comfortably perform this practice in your house without any hustle.

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