Why Why Should You Take 200 Hour of Yoga Teacher Training

Why Should You Take 200 Hour of Yoga Teacher Training?

The 200 Hour of Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course is the foundational certification course recognized by Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation and is offered by almost all yoga schools. As the name suggests, the course is spread over 200 hours where you learn everything about yoga, its philosophy, and human anatomy.

Most certainly, you are aware that a 200-hour training program is necessary to become a certified yoga instructor.

(An ethical) 200-hour yoga teacher training must equip you with the abilities and knowledge to confidently plan and instruct a class, despite the fact that each school’s curriculum and style of teaching may vary.

The program does not restrict itself only for the perspective of teaching yoga and becoming yoga teachers. You can undoubtedly take this course for your own well being, to deepen your knowledge and for more inclusive yoga practice.

The intensive yoga- course helps you  to explore  yourself with mindfully designed curriculum and yogic practices (meditation, philosophy, anatomy, asanas) everyday that helps boost confidence and faith from within. With like-minded people who are constantly working to be their own better version of themselves; we create a beautiful yoga community.

Financially, physically, psychologically, and spiritually, a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification is a prominent step for not only your career in yoga but a journey towards self-discovery. In addition to the mentioned facts above, here are 5 reasons you should be taking up a 200-hour YTT course.

Globally Accepted Accreditation

As stated above, 200-hour yoga teacher training is acceptable and recognized everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you have taken this course, once you complete this course, you can teach around in the world. However the journey of yoga is lifelong , so one must keep the mind open to learn at every step of this journey. The more you practice the more you excel.

Upon the completion of the course with the certification you get the liberty to register with any yoga association or federation such as Yoga Alliance.

In fact, most yoga studios except a person to have completed this course before applying for a position of yoga teacher. A person who is RYT-200 is assumed to have gained intensive knowledge about all the ins and outs of teaching yoga efficiently.

Enhance Your Knowledge About Yoga

The 200-hour yoga teacher training program is extremely intensive and immersive. Over the course of 200 hours, which can be a few weeks, months, or even a year, you will study yoga philosophy, physiology, history, human anatomy, practical instructions, and some spiritual theory. The course doesn’t leave out anything about yoga; you even learn Sanskrit words and names of poses.

In addition to learning how to teach yoga for various needs or groups, you will also gain knowledge of the student learning process, teaching methods, yoga sequences, and the business of yoga.

It is also often advised that students start reading the literature before they start the program to build a base.

In short, you are gearing up for to intensify, widen your horizon of  information and knowledge as a part of your yoga journey.

You Learn to Communicate Well

Effective listening is a vital element of communication. When you are in a class, you need to actively engage your mind and hearing capabilities to Understand the teachings of your instructor.  Active listening also prompts analysis and introspection which then encourages a discussion. You are also subconsciously learning the techniques of handling a class or a group of people to listen.

This intake of knowledge and observance improves your interpersonal communication skills. By understanding the methods for your practice and how to teach your future class, you will be able to express yourself more fully in other aspects of your life as well.

Creates Regular Schedules for Your Practice

When you enroll for a 200-hour course, you are setting aside substantial time to devote to learning and practicing. You are willing to take your practice to the next level. While you are focused on theoretical learning, practical practice is also a big part of the course.

You are encouraged to practice every day after a class to imbibe alignment cues, postural variations, and breathing techniques while also embodying the principles of yoga.

This time can help you learn more about your body and experiment with your mental and physical limits. It aids in discovering the small inflexibilities, lack of strength, and endurance so that you can work towards reducing those with the assistance of your training teacher.

Develop Resources and Links with Like-Minded People

Since the 200 Hour of Yoga Teacher Training Program is a foundational course, you can expect to meet a ton of people from various backgrounds. It is a great place to meet people, whether you’re looking for new friends or are looking for professional networking. Sharing, discussion, and practical teaching are a big part of the program. This assists in keeping an open mind to listen and accept other people’s perspectives.

Through this, you can build your communication, enhance self-expression and build healthy and lifelong connections. More than you might originally believe, your mutual passion for the program will help you become closer. These relationships come in to build a support group in times of need.

It Fills you with a Sense of Accomplishment

During the course of your training, you will fail and fall multiple times. However, you’ll also learn the skill of rising and moving forward. Once you have successfully graduated from your training, you’ll feel proud of all you’ve learned and the work you’ve put in.

Whether you choose to teach yoga classes, workshops, or retreats in the future or not, having this increased knowledge, confidence, and morale will open up new prospects for you.

Builds a Deeper Connection with Self

YTT involves  a portion of self-study that is not just for theoretical studies, but to encourage internal awareness. One of the benefits of yoga teacher training is the ability to understand oneself very well. You’ll be prompted to analyze when you can extend yourself kindness and when you should try a tad bit more throughout training.

Along with teaching you how to do all of the key poses, 200 hours YTT also works towards synchronizing your mind and body in a manner that emphasizes being in the present. We can only let rid of tendencies that don’t support our highest good by diligently studying ourselves.

You’ll develop stronger mental and physical stamina. You will have a new sense of commitment and independence in facing difficulties as they arise owing to this demanding and intensive training.





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