Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra

In this busy lifestyle, you need to ensure yourself with relaxation and stress-free days. Your body is like a mini world. Principal constituents of this mini world are five elements, including Air, Fire, Ether, Water, and Earth.
However, when there is some disturbance in the balance between all these elements, it might lead to an imbalanced mind. It might cause severe problems in our body.

Well, you can restore your body with physical postures. These postures draw your attention to bring awareness to your mind and body. You can stop the development of negative emotions and develop full knowledge mind with Gyan Mudra.

A Mudra of Knowledge:

Also known as Chin Mudra, is used to perform meditation. It has been one among the essential mudras to improve your mental and physical health.  Here Chin means consciousness according to Sanskrit. Mudra defines for gestures or a seal.
It is a calming and spiritual awakening of your inner self. It helps stimulating air elements in your body. Thus it will automatically increase your memory power, pituitary gland production, and improves the nervous system.
Gyan Mudra is a standard way to increase your mental concentration and to build spiritual power. Therefore it sharpens your brain. When you perform Chin Mudra regularly, you can control your emotions on stress, anger, depression, and anxiety.

How You Can Perform:

Gyan Mudra is a powerful mudra that has been under consideration from thousands of years. It is a skill by thousands of yogis to bring quiet, peace, and spiritual progress. It relates humans with planet Jupiter. It has a large and diverse health profit, thus making it most skilful mudra among all.

It is a Mudra of Knowledge. Thus it is like an open edition of self. It is a way to teach you lessons throughout life, along with knowledge. It is superior to all other once you speak to someone.
It is prime mudra among all finger mudras. The additional name of Gyan Mudra is Vayu-Vardhak Mudra and Dhyan Mudra. It will assign you a step by step direction to perform Gyan Mudra. Its curative properties, fitness benefits, and other difference of Gyan Mudra.

Ideal Time: It can be performed at any time of your day. It is better to perform it early in the morning.
Duration: It takes thirty to forty-five minutes to perform Gyan Mudra. Also, you can perform it in three parts of fifteen minutes each.

Steps to Perform:

It is best to perform Gyan Mudra together with meditation asanas. Several measures to consider before acting this gesture are:

  • Sit down in a meditative pose. It can be Easy, Lotus, or Diamond pose. Also, you can perform Gyan Mudra while standing in a Mountain Pose.
  • Make sure you have a straight back while in a pose and head must be seized up high.
  • Now relax down your hands on knees and palms must be opposite upwards.
  • Now touch on the tip of your index finger with the advice of your thumb.
  • Rest of the three fingers are to be held straight and stretched. These must be parallel to each other. Conduct Gyan Mudra with both hands.
  • Now shut off eyes and further concentrate on your breath. If you want to better efficient results, then chant word Om with every exhale.

Role of Fingers in Gyan Mudra

Once you bring fingers in position, it defines to carry a balance in your life. Gyan Mudra is believed to possess electromagnetic currents inside the human body. Thus the union of fingers with thumb have a more significant effect on your body.
As Mudras initiate currents in the human body, it conducts a balance in your body. This union of fingers brings an outcome in us.
Index Finger: Air– It represents expansion, wisdom, and openness to change.
Little finger: Water– It defines the power of an individual to relate and communicate.
Thumb: Fire-It defines for ego or individual.
Ring: Earth– It defines physical grace, health, vitality, and beauty.
Middle: Aakash– It considers the conversion of emotion to patience and devotion.

Variations of Gyan Mudra:

Abhaya Gyan Mudra: To develop the virtue of fearlessness
Vairagya Mudra: To lead a detachment of your mind from worldly things.
Chin Mudra: To remind practitioner hid goal of yoga.
Chinmaya Mudra: To create awareness of breath and prana energy flow.
Purna Gyan Mudra: To obtain complete knowledge about all matters.
Vayu-Vardhak Mudra: To build and revitalize tissues and increase vitality and endurance.


  • Your back must be straight, and your head and chest must be held up high.
  • Your hands must rest on knees with palms facing upwards.
  • Three fingers except the thumb and index finger must be adequately stretched.

Benefits of Gyan Mudra

Therapeutic benefits of Gyan Mudra:

The primary therapeutic use of Gyan Mudra is that it increases the Vayu element. Air is an essential element according to Ayurvedic Vata Dosha. As Gyan Mudra affects Air, then this mudra is known as Vayu-Cardhak Mudra.
According to research in past times, it has many therapeutic benefits in curing many health problems, especially for relieving a person from stress.
This mudra is especially to cure Vata deficiency and heal diseases due to it.

Impacts of Vayu-Vardhak Mudra:
  • It primarily improves air element in your body. Also, it increases the functioning of the brain.
  • The practice of Vayu Mudra is to stimulate the brain and nervous system to improve strength.
  • It improves movements of inner body impulses.
  • It strengthens muscles in your body and improves pituitary gland functioning.
  • It functions vocal cords, heart, renders skin and mucous membranes to dry.
Additional Benefits:
  • To promote the flow of prana
  • Addresses sleeping disorders
  • Improves focus
  • Relieves and prevents stress and anger
  • Cures indigestion
  • Enhances memory power
  • Promotes a sense of balance
It is convenient to solve the following problems:
  • Dullness of mind
  • Recklessness
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Loss of memory
  • Drowsiness, mental retardation, and lethargy
  • Neuropathy and Alzheimer’s disease
  • It improves muscular disorders.

Gyan Mudra- A suppleness for mind

  • It is an ordinary way used by yoga practices and depicted by sages.
  • It is acknowledged as a Seal of comprehension to inspire knowledge and authority to understand.
  • It is a hand gesture used to relax your brain and thus the direct flow of energy of your body.
  • In the first term, Gyan Mudra is a work out of your mind as a baby pose, chair pose, or crow pose. It is to bring flexibility in exercising a body.



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