Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra is a hand gesture which means a spirit of life. You need to maintain a balance in all energies, and Prana holds significant importance. It is an asana or mudra which does not require an exact time to perform. However, it is optional to perform this asana in privacy. It is better to perform it in a quiet room to awaken our senses.

Prana Mudra is basic hand gesture of ancient Indian Vedic Culture that helps us to turn on the inner inactive energy of your body. Below here is a technique to performing steps, benefits, and precautions of Prana Mudra.

What is Science Behind Prana Mudra?

The human body is a combination of five main elements that include air, fire, space, earth, and water. As long as these elements are in balance, you will enjoy a disease-free and a healthy life. It is a hand gesture that is a part of yoga exercise. This mudra aims to activate the most inactive parts of your body.

Our fingers are like wires of electric current. When we perform this mudra, one or more than one fingers come in contact with our thumb. This hand gesture gives rise to inner body electric current. The life energy starts flowing through this circuit. It will balance all five essential elements as represented by fingers.

Prana Mudra- A Mudra of Energy:

Prana is defined as the energy of life. It is essential that helps to excite root chakra. This root chakra produces vibration and heat in the body, which energize an individual. Thus in this way, it stimulates the entire body and thus awakens each organ. Prana Mudra relates with a special link to your heart and soul. Along with this, Prana Hand Mudra is a widely practiced form of mudra to treat diseases.

It is a part of yoga and meditation that helps you to control energy flow and unblock specific chakras. They are a standard part of yoga activities. Some people refer to Prana Mudra as a disease healing mudra. According to old medical consideration of India, Prana Mudra is basically a way to introduce Kapha and reduces Pitta Dosha. Both Pitta Dosha and Kapha are bio elements present in a human body.

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Steps to perform Prana Mudra:

According to the philosophy of yoga, our hands and fingers are considered to have much power to heal. Moreover, Prana Mudra is to improve people from specific digestive and liver issues.

  • Perform Prana Mudra with the help of both hands
  • Tips of little and ring finger are to join with lean of thumb.
  • Rest of all fingers are to be in an extended position and keep them straight.
  • Strengthen your spine, head, and back in an aligned position.
  • Prana Mudra alters energy level of an individual and thus makes you fit in conscious breathing.
  • While performing the mudra, you need to make a profound and regular breath.
  • Breath in and out at the same time duration
  • While performing the mudra a person can chant “so” while inhaling and “hum” on exhale.
  • Initially, it is difficult to chant and breathe simultaneously, but with practice, you can be perfect.
  • Perform inhale and exhale twenty to thirty times at once. Now pay attention to your mind.
  • You will feel as if your body is floating in a particular situation.
  • Many people even experience immediate results of the Mudra.


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Perform Prana Mudra for at least thirty minutes in your regular practice. It will bring you maximum benefits.


The Technique:

This Mudra works on the principle of victorious breathing. Thus victorious breath means this mudra brings in a camp of attentiveness. The performers experience divine peace and thus help you to broaden the mind.

Performance of mudra has introduced native beliefs in each individual. You can perform this mudra in various poses: Padmasana, Vajrasana, and Siddhasana Yoga.


Other Names of Prana Mudra:

  • Kapha-Kaarak Mudra
  • Pitta-Nashak Mudra
  • Life Energy Mudra
  • Energizing hand Yoga

This Mudra reduces excessive heat from the body, and thus it sorts digestion related problems. Also, an increase in Kapha leads to excess energy, immunity, and strength.



  • Do not practice Prana Mudra when you suffer from rhinorrhea, cold, and cough.
  • Do not perform this mudra if you have issues with the back.
  • Be careful while performing Prana Mudra. It would help if you learned it properly.
  • Do not press tips of your fingers very firmly. They need the gentle press.
  • Perform Prana Mudra in Padmasana pose to have maximum benefits.
  • It is a complementary therapy, not permanent or alternative medical treatment.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should practise this mudra only after consulting a yoga expert.


Benefits of Prana Mudra

As per research in ancient times, Prana Mudra is an essential part of an individual lifestyle. It brings maximum benefits to cure physical, mental, and spiritual issues.

Physical Benefits:

  • Prana Mudra helps you to overcome chronic fatigue, exhaustion, and endurance.
  • Strengthens your immune system that improves disease-fighting capacity.
  • Improves the metabolism of your body that even aids the digestion process.
  • It helps the body to extract specific essential vitamins and nutrients from the food that you eat.
  • When you are fasting, practicing Prana Mudra helps to maintain energy level.
  • Helps in improving painful sensation, muscle spasm, and weakness from legs.
  • Improves blood circulation in the body of an individual.
  • Immensely helpful to get rid of dry eyes, eyesight weakness, and water discharge from the eyes.
  • Older adults, who find it challenging to perform yoga, can practice this natural hand gesture.

Mental Health Benefits:

Prana Mudra is best to get rid of negative feelings like fear, tension, nervousness, anger, and anxiety. It is to replace them all with self-confidence, mental clarity, inner stability, faith, joy, zeal, and happiness.

Spiritual Benefits:

It improves concentration, and thus, it brings a better meditation experience. With regular practice of Prana Mudra, you will feel a vibration in your body. Hence, when you practice Prana Mudra during the meditation process, it will keep up your meditation experience and spiritual awakening.

Other Benefits:

  • Assists in eliminating deficiencies of vitamins A, B, D, C, E, and K.
  • Improves the regulatory power of your mind, which helps to tackle with unregulated habits.
  • Decreases nervousness and improves self-confidence.
  • Life Mudra assists you to get rid of chronic diseases and general weakness.
  • Helps us to manage emotions like anger, tension, pride, envy, delight, etc.

Benefits for Eye:

You can perform Prana Mudra for eye related problems also. However, people who have low vision should carry Prana Mudra for every 15 to 30 minutes. It helps increase eyesight, especially if you wear specs.

For Healing:

Prana Mudra is an essential gesture for healing. It boosts up your energy level.. Also, it helps in recovering the circulation of Prana Shakti in your body. You may try to perform it to improve circulation of energy level in the body. When your body runs out of energy, you can perform this Mudra. It would boost up the energy level and make you feel lighter.

Prana Mudra Yoga:

This Mudra is a part of yoga accompanied by padmasana. Most people call it \”Mudra of life\” as it is a very important life force. Your life gets empowered from inside out by this Mudra. Restoration of energy reserves take place by Prana Mudra. Muscular pains and aches get reduce with the help of Prana Mudra Yoga. You can perform this mudra either by sitting or walking.




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