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India Swamped with Peace on 3rd International Yoga Day

This was not just another hot day on the summer calendar or the longest day of the year – this was definitely more than just a day. What was so special about this date was the sheer fact it represented – the spirit of health, wellness, tranquillity, fulfilment, it represented the spirit of YOGA.

On this very day, entities, yogis, spiritualists, and humanity as a whole gathered on a collective platform with a sole mission – to spread the message of health and wellness, through the most ancient and the most consecrated science ‘Yoga’. The day brought together a society – unmarred by class barriers, self-righteousness, religion, creed, or imposed parameters, it was a society that spoke and understood one language — the language of yoga and, believed in one religion – the religion of being a spiritually evolved human being.

The day was celebrated with peace and a collective spirit all over the nation — with yoga camps, sessions, workshops, cultural performances, etc. happening in various corners of the country with a sole mission to spread and to celebrate the spirit of Yoga. Certain places in particular took further steps ahead and made a memorable day out of it.

Let us take a short glance into the 3rd International Yoga Day celebrations that took place in major parts of the country:


It was natural and obvious for the Yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh to celebrate the spirit of International Yoga Day in a far-sighted and the most distinctive manner. The sheer spirit of this town expressed yoga and fitness in every lane. The Common Yoga Protocol followed in each corner of this spiritual town, there was no soul left behind who was unaware of the yogic presence this day represented. With Yoga Day celebration organized by some of the most eminent yoga schools in the country, events that went on through the entire day as some of the largest yoga international day events in the country; it was a sight to remember – with people practicing yoga, attending workshops on elements of Yoga and Ayurveda, cultural performances, Yoga championships, Yoga gurus and spiritualist from different parts of the world gathered in the scenic town of Rishikesh to be avid participants in the 3rd International Yoga Day celebrations.


Capital of Uttar Pradesh, also the largest province of India did not hold itself back from displaying the eternal spirit of yoga and spirituality. The day brought together nearly 52000 yogis on a single platform. Clad in International Yoga Day official uniforms, people of Uttar Pradesh embraced the eternal spirit of Yoga along with their Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The entire 80-Minute session was led by hundreds of schools, yogis who duly participated in following the Common Yoga Protocol issued by the ministry of AYUSH. The event was organized at Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan.


Mysore, a.k.a, Mysuru, one of the most beautiful provinces in Karnataka, broke Guinness World Record in Yoga by assembling and hosting the largest ever Yoga Chain on their Race Course venue. The event was organized by the govt. of Karnataka and gained the most eminent spot in the world history of yoga.

Joined by a single spirit and one language, this day was indeed a memorable day for the entire nation that left an everlasting imprint on all of us – that provokes us to live a healthier and a happier life.




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