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5 Ways How Yoga Teacher Training Retreats in India Can Change the Person You Are

A month long yoga teacher training in India calls for a great level of commitment, physically, emotionally and psychologically. It is not something you can just get up one morning and decide to go for like jaywalk around the park. Taking the course entails going away far from home, acclimatizing to a new place, people, and a certain lifestyle in which the values are different from the one in which you are brought up.

While a yoga retreat in India will let you indulge fully in traditional yoga of the motherland, it will not be possible without restructuring your upbringing to the core. Chances are that after embracing this involved yoga life for a month, you will not be the same person ever again.

Here is how yoga teacher training retreats in India might change you inside out:

You Become Freer Emotionally

Welcome to more rewarding relationships! After being able to come to peace with your deeper self through yoga, you will find the configuration of your relationships changing. You will know how to love without expectations and be completely giving without putting conditions to it. With lesser dependency on your time, quality times with your loved ones will be maximized.

Vegetarianism Becomes Your Credo

You might have been a meat eater all your life but after fully understanding the implications of yogic values, your food habits are likely to change drastically. Vegetarian meals prepared according to the laws of sustenance and better health provided at yoga teacher training retreats in India will introduce you to a different world of gastronomy and nutrition. Similarly, renunciation of meat can also come as a part of your conscious consumption habits.

Your Career Will Not Be About Making Money

Traditional Indian values acquired in YTTC Retreats in India will navigate you on a non-materialistic path of life. Be ready for a significant difference of opinion with those who have a more money-oriented approach to life. Welcoming nobler and more altruistic career paths will mean less compatibility with those who do not understand this pursuit.

Your Preference of Medicine Will Change

After finding the pluses of herbal Ayurvedic elixir introduced to you at yoga teacher training retreats in India, your adherence to modern medicine will be no longer. Empowered with the capability to self-diagnose and heal holistically by Ayurvedic principles, your dependency on medicine will go away. It would help to ask like-minded friends for recommendations of a one-stop m market from where you can source your Ayurvedic requisites.

More Daily Time Has to Be Given to Self-Practice

More than anything, your time at yoga retreats in India will get you ready for more involved self-practice. Yoga time has definitely got to double up, and kept in the priority list of your everyday things to do. Maintain a proportionate division between asana, meditation, and pranayama when you are rescheduling your days after coming back from YTTC retreats in India.




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