Yoga Teacher Training

When Do You Know it’s Time To Take a Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training has admittedly been a life changing episode for most who have taken it. Designed to hone one’s yoga skills to perfection, this course spans over a month touching upon most important yoga subjects—from Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga asana sequences to underlying philosophies, meditation, and complimentary practices like Ayurveda. But one can’t simply chance upon this weighty package, certain preparation and initiation is highly necessary. Once you find the right motivation, plan your ticket to a dream course like a yoga teacher training for 200 hour in Rishikesh- the world capital of yoga.

How do you know it’s time for YTT? We will see—

When Your Self-Practice Hits a Wall

Every yogi hits a dead-end after practicing thoroughly for some time. The postures seem to lose the effect, the mind unchanged by the concentration, and the breath goes haywire. This is time to take it a notch further or you will be static in your practice forever. A yoga teacher training for 200 hour in Rishikeshthe motherland of yoga, will give you an opportunity to intensify your self practice and go deeper. With almost 8 hours a day dedicated to asana learning, your postures will gain more finesse. Also, you will find expert traditional teachers in the house to gloss over your adjustment and alignment.

When Yoga is More Than a Fitness Regime

If you resonate with this thought truly and dearly, guess it’s time to switch your practice to a greater degree—a yoga teacher training for 200 hour in Rishikesh! In a YTTC in the motherland, yoga becomes more than a fitness training. Here, you come out of class everyday feeling a little more empowered as an individual and guarded with self knowledge. Thanks to the deep delving philosophy classes, the intrinsically designed classes on the relation between human anatomy and mechanics of yoga, guided classes on pranayama breathing, meditation and mantra, and much more, your yoga education becomes complete only after attending YTTC.

When the Yoga Tips You Hand Out Receive Wild Appreciation

Has it been a norm for people around you to take you for a yoga guru? It might be more than just perfection that you bring in your postures. Give a chance to your unique qualities as a yoga enthusiast to flourish outside the cloistered circle of your acquaintances by attending a yoga teacher training for 200 hour in Rishikesh. In this age-old birthland of yogic art, you will find like minded individuals who will share your passion for the subject. Plus, you get to have a briefing on “teaching methodology” and get ready to conduct your own classes in the future!

When You Feel a Yearning for Knowing Yoga to Its Roots

Yoga has now become a combined art involving different strands of teaching but as a true enthusiast one must always try to know the art in its original form. This is why the call of India is so strong. Here in the birthplace, yoga is practiced as a moral and ethical standard of life beside the effective physical exercises it enumerates. You will find the element of spirituality explored in more detail at a yoga teacher training for 200 hour in Rishikesh than anywhere else in the world!




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