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What’s Special in a Meditation Retreat in India – Reasons Why You Must Visit?

Since time immemorial, peace seeking travelers and spiritualists has been coming to India in search of tranquility and wisdom. This is the land where the first germs of yogic science originated. The model of ashrama –an institution where seekers come to train in the rigors of spiritual life in a community living, is a contribution of Indian thought process which in later day converted into the idea of retreats. Today, we have different kinds of retreats being conducted in India in which elements of yoga, meditation and related spiritual exercise are integrated, promising stress reduction, escape from an urban routine of life, and self discovery.

Let’s see in detail why meditation retreats in India are more special—

India Practices a Peace Oriented Culture

Though yoga and meditation have reached beyond the motherland making way into most of the major world cultures as an alternative lifestyle formula, it is only in India that you will find the influences of yoga in all walks of life. You will find the dictums of non-violence embraced in the lived cultures of the people through non vegetarianism. Non-materialism and simple living is also a part of this. You are going to find the humblest of human beings as your spiritual teachers at these retreats who will drive you towards a dispassionate life. Meditation holidays in India will also introduce you to karma yoga works which involves different kinds of unconditional charitable service to earth.

Exquisite Locations Inducing Meditation 

India is a land of exquisite lands and beautiful souls. The country is walled by the magnificent Himalayas in the North and surrounded by pristine tropical beaches in the South. You can find centers of yogic heritage and rich spiritual culture at both these flanks of the country. Rishikesh—titled as the world capital of yoga in northern India is a Himalayan foothill town where the holy river Ganga flows by—an ideal spot for meditative peace practices. Or, if your calling is from the sea, you can visit Kerala’s coastal paradise hosting some of the top ranked meditation breaks in India.

Traditional Values Remain At the Core

Yoga as long since veered out of its original meaning becoming a fad for fitness in the Western world. But as a sincere practitioner one must remember that this is an art of good life and spiritual upliftment. A series of moral and ethical codes of the traditional yogic ways form the crux of this practice and it is hard to come by an institution which teaches that. Indian Meditation retreats are presided over by traditional teachers of the Indian roots who take care to propagate such values through their teaching. Meditation through the energy of sound as in mantra is a practice best learnt in India where the extant traditional language of Sanskrit is still practiced.

Integrated Retreats Rich with Multiple Disciplines

Meditation retreats in India are never going to get boring as there are so much to learn from the multiple strands of teaching available here. In an integrated presentation, you are going to get acquainted with physical discipline of yoga asanas, different techniques of going into dhyana or meditation, ways of nutritious cooking with Ayurveda, and intellectual stimulation with study in yoga philosophy.




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