Silent Meditation

Silent Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh: Feel the Comfort of Silence

Once you indulge in a silent meditation retreat, you get to inject the stillness of silence within. This way you can feel the energy surrounding you in an enhanced way. The calmness of the atmosphere will be experienced in a different way.

Silent meditation retreat in Rishikesh is a programme wherein people collect voluntarily to meditate for days on a stretch, without having any conversations with one another. Initially, silent retreats will be tough to execute. There will be different emotions bursting out such as loneliness, confusion, discomfort, exclusion etc. Once you go ahead with the programme, it will build an atmosphere of stillness.

The retreat will help you understand things in a different way. For example, you will be able to observe the ticking of the clock, which we would have otherwise ignored. We can hear the chirping of birds and, feel the breezy wind, and would appreciate and feel the beauty of nature in a completely different sense.

The silence can be intriguing initially or, it can prove to be a discomfort for most of us. Once you drown yourself completely in the nourishing atmosphere, you will start cherishing silence and by the end of the programme, you will look forward to it with zeal.

Benefits of Silent Meditation Retreat

  • When we are having conversations with people, our mind is active. When we express ourselves, our emotions are on the verge of exploding and we are not able to think with clarity. Silence helps in relaxing the mind, as it is not active because we are not having conversation with people. It helps us gain a better perspective on life and, helps us observe things in a better way.
  • It also helps us in developing better connectivity with the self. Our perception towards things changes completely. This can only happen, once we quieten the rummaging thoughts in our mind and uncover those hidden thoughts that are meant to ponder over.
  • Our attitude combines with our thoughts and we lose our concentration and focus. Silent retreats help us in giving a foundation to the meditation practice by increasing our concentration. Since we are not talking, our mind is not active, there is inner and outer peace. There are no social interactions and our thoughts are not scattered. This way we are able to focus deeply on our thoughts.
  • In this materialistic world, there are numerous things that distract us from seeing ourselves clearly. It enables a human being to mirror themselves in a better light. Further, it helps us to connect to feelings and emotions that were overlooked before. We start observing everything around us. We question our lifestyle, our purpose in life, etc. We go out in search of answers.
  • These retreats offer us the opportunity of experiencing noble silence. Our mind indulges in discursive thinking about past experiences, negative thoughts, having conversation with others etc. Silence takes a toll over discursive thinking and ends up calming down the mind. The peace helps us in eliminating the desires and aversions. There is a boost in our self confidence. This means that we have experienced noble silence.
  • When we are sharing the silence with others, we realize that we have built a deeper connection with them. This connection is a deeper connection and it would not have been built if we would have indulged in conversations.

The stillness can be felt in a beautiful way if it is experienced amongst beautiful mountains. Silent meditation retreats in Rishikesh allows you to unwind from the busy life of the city and take in the serenity of the mountains. Initially silent meditation will be a tough experience, but once accomplished you will start loving the beauty of silence. It will transform you completely, by giving you better clarity towards life and, will broaden your arena of thinking.

Silent meditation retreat is sure to give you an experience of lifetime. Take in the nourishing atmosphere and experience the comfort of silence with a silent meditation retreat in the holy town of Rishikesh, India.




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